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Real Camaraderie

I really appreciate how they are people from different political parties but they are just talking, not fighting. Too often these days parties seem so antagonistic towards each other.

Best Saskatchewan podcast

Great to see a bunch of partisan hacks not act like partisan hacks and have a good discussion.

I really enjoy this podcast

I wish more political discourse in this province was like this podcast… what I appreciate most is that it is respectful despite the political differences. I appreciate hearing perspectives from both sides of the aisle even though I don’t necessarily agree with some of the opinions. Well done.

Sask’s best political podcast

Great show! Love the banter. Love the behind the scenes look at politics. I even love the regular updates on airline travel woes ;)

Great debate

I truly appreciate seeing current events analysis from both Kevin and Sally. It is a great learning perspective with diversity of perspective. It’s also a snapshot of dropping into a small town Sask hotel bar and listening to the locals. Ones from away, Newfoundland, one is retired from government and some young fella piping in, happens everyday in every town on the prairies.

THE #Skpoli Podcast

Love this podcast, and am impressed with the insights from Sally, Kevin, and Dale.

Good Crew for SK topics

Listened to all the ep’s this week. Just found this podcast and thought it has been good so far. Hopefully as they grow, they will discuss more specific policy items. So far the pod is really new so the co hosts are still being quite easy on each other yet.

Finally a SK political podcast!

Really enjoying this podcast. Nice to have some weekly insights from people who have spent time in the trenches of the SK political world.

Entertaining, Insightful and Finally political podcast about Saskatchewan!

Sally, Dale and Kevin provide insightful analysis about politics in Saskatchewan. This is my new favourite pod and I can’t wait for the new episode each week.

Excellent Saskatchewan politics podcast

This is a much needed podcast for the province