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Dec. 2, 2022

Caught With Their Pants Down

Caught With Their Pants Down

The SKoop discusses the brouhaha over a procedural vote on the Saskatchewan First Act that the NDP was caught unawares on, which ticked off some NDP supporters. But did any of that actually matter with voters, or was it just a good morale boost for the government? Plus, the Saskatchewan United Party is an official party now, and Nadine Wilson is the party's leader. Listen to hear what Kevin Doherty says about the new right-wing party in Saskatchewan. Then the SKoop team closes off by discusses the state of Saskatchewan's healthcare system, and tells everyone What Actually Mattered This Week!

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  • Kevin Doherty, former Saskatchewan Party MLA and cabinet minister, and current Senior Strategy Advisor at Prairie Sky Strategy; 
  • Sally Housser, NDP insider and former Saskatchewan NDP chief of staff, and current Senior Manager, Public Affairs at Canadian Strategy Group; and 
  • Dale Richardson, podcaster and former director of communications for the Saskatchewan Party. 

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