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April 21, 2023

Sask. Party Leads NDP in New Poll, Sask. United Registers Barely Any Support


Regina, SK - New polling results released by The SKoop today show that if an election were held today the Saskatchewan Party would be favoured by 46% of the Saskatchewan public, compared to 37% who would vote for the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party. 25% of the electorate said they weren't sure who they would vote for. 

The poll was conducted by Saskatoon-based market research firm Insightrix Research as part of Insightrix's monthly omnibus polling. The sample size was 803 Saskatchewan residents. Respondents are members of the Insightrix SaskWatch Forum. The margin of error is estimated to be ±3.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

According to the polling, the NDP leads the Saskatchewan Party in both major cities by clear margins. The NDP are favoured 48% in Saskatoon compared to 36% for the Saskatchewan Party, and have a substantial 30-point lead in the province's capital, with 57% of respondents in Regina saying they would vote for the NDP, compared to only 29% for the Saskatchewan Party. 

The Saskatchewan Party remains favoured by a large margin by those living outside the two biggest cities, with 56% of respondents saying they prefer the Saskatchewan Party, compared to 25% for the NDP. 

Men in Saskatchewan have a clear preference for the Saskatchewan Party, with 52% saying they would vote for the governing party, compared to only 31% of men voting for the NDP. However, women said they prefer the NDP by a small margin, with 44% saying they would vote for the NDP compared to 38% for the Saskatchewan Party. The poll did show that a third of the female electorate are undecided or not sure who they would vote for at this time.

While media has focused a lot on the party, the Saskatchewan United Party, led by Nadine Wilson, sits at only 2% support in the poll. That's in line with other also-ran parties in Saskatchewan, including the Liberal Party and Buffalo Party at 3%, and the Green Party at 2%. Sask. United had 0% support in Regina, and no more than 3% in any other region in the province.  


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