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May 8, 2023

2022 Fundraising Results Released By Elections Saskatchewan

2022 Fundraising Results Released By Elections Saskatchewan

Documentation released recently by Elections Saskatchewan show the fundraising results for Saskatchewan's political parties for 2022.

The Saskatchewan Party was once again the top fundraiser, raising $3.05 million. This is a significant increase from the $2.12 million raised in 2021. The largest source of donations came from $1.7 million in individual contributions. In addition, over $1 million was raised in corporate contributions. 

The Saskatchewan NDP was the second-highest fundraiser, raising $1.3 million, mostly from individual donations. $153,000 came from trade unions. 

The PC Party of Saskatchewan raised $116,000, while the Buffalo Party raised $30,600. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party raised $29,600, the Saskatchewan Green Party raised $11,000, and the Saskatchewan United Party raised $8,700.

These fundraising results give us an indication of the financial resources available to each party for the upcoming 2024 provincial election. Fundraising is an essential part of political campaigns and can impact a party's ability to communicate its message to voters.

The Saskatchewan Party has become the dominant party in the province over the years, and its fundraising total reflects its continued popularity and support. The NDP's fundraising total also demonstrates that it remains a significant political force in Saskatchewan.

While they raised only $8,000 last year, many say that the Saskatchewan United Party has some well-heeled individuals supporting the party, so it will be interesting to see how much they raise this in 2023. If it raised a lot, it could play an important role in the province's political landscape and may have an impact on the upcoming election.

Overall, these fundraising results provide valuable insight into the financial resources available to each party and their potential impact on the upcoming provincial election. It will be interesting to see how each party utilizes these resources in the coming months.