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May 13, 2022

A (Very Likely) Carla Coronation

A (Very Likely) Carla Coronation

The SKoop is back! Sally is en route from Edmonton where she covered Wednesday night's Conservative Party leadership debate, so the The SKoop team discusses that fun evening off the top. After that,  they dive into the NDP leadership candidates, why there has been no news after the close of nominations for that race, and the risks and challenges that both the NDP and Sask Party face based on the two candidates for leader. Then, they discuss the (depending on who you ask) controversial Bill 70 that aims to overhaul security at the Saskatchewan Legislature. And then finally the team discusses the very bizarre "Saskatchewan United" movement, Gerry Ritz's involvement, and the axes to grind of the other participants in the so-called movement. And don't forget the Hansard Hot Takes! 


  • Kevin Doherty, former Saskatchewan Party MLA and cabinet minister, and current Senior Strategy Advisor at Prairie Sky Strategy; 
  • Sally Housser, NDP insider and former Saskatchewan NDP chief of staff, and current Senior Manager, Public Affairs at Canadian Strategy Group; and 
  • Dale Richardson, podcaster and former director of communications for the Saskatchewan Party. 

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